Arnall's Laser Arch Support System Pontoon Boat Storage

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The purpose of this invention is to keep your pontoon boat dry by creating a  boat cover customized with a support system that arches the cover to shed off rain, the arch design is the best shape to keep rain out of the boat, (our ancestors figured this out with the invention of the covered wagon).

The standard post design that comes with most pontoon boats does not provide much support close to the rails and puts a tremendous strain on the fabric where it pokes into it, and also indents your carpet on the floor - sometimes the wind blows the cover and the poles fall over.

A smooth dome supported your boat's rails will evenly support your cover and will last years longer than a pole system.  You could even use the system as a tent to sleep on the boat while anchored on the lake - no poles will be in your way!

Note your rails must be 1.25" square for this complete system to work.  (The most common rail size! )

You must also provide your own pvc pipe - "instructions included", usually 3/4" sch 40 pvc is less than $2.00 per 10' foot stick - available at all Home Depot, Lowe’s or just about any local hardware store!

Thinking about northern winter snow? No problem!  The instructions show you how to rig up some supports with some additional pvc to take on the weight of winter snow and ice.

(However, we highly recommend not leaving ice, snow or rain accumulation on boat covers for any length of time.  Doing so will result in damage to your boat and accessories and may void your cover warranty.)

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