Arnall's Standard Arch Support System for Pontoon Covers *New "Stainless"

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Your purchase includes 4 Sets of Standard Arch Support Brackets (8 pieces). This is the base level design for little to no inclement weather. This is one of our best selling products, with thousands of users across the US. This product is made in the USA out of Stainless steel with an aluminum bracket. The purpose of this invention is to keep your pontoon boat dry by creating a support system that arches the cover to shed off rain. The arch design is the best shape to keep rain out of the boat; our ancestors figured this out with the invention of the covered wagon. Because the cover is arched it will not rest on the seats, preventing "bleeding" into the boat fabric and will help protect the interior from getting bleached by the sun. Boat rails MUST be 1.25" square for this system to work. The boat rail must be accessible from all sides. Please note that the boat cover, PVC pipe, electrical tape or pipe cutters are not included in this ad. If you have rails that are not 1.25" square or if the metal sheeting goes up to the railing, then we recommend our Universal Brackets. If your seat cushions butt up against the railing or go over it, we recommend our Dual Arch Brackets. You will need to provide your own PVC pipe and cut it to the dimension that works best for your boat model. We recommend gray electrical 3/4" schedule 40 PVC because it withstands heat better. PVC typically is less than $2.00 per 10' foot stick at most home improvement stores. Illustrated instructions are included, with directions for storing your boat for the winter. The Arch Support System is recommended for storage only, and is not intended to be left in the boat while in use. Please contact us if you are unsure if this is the best product for your boat. We have many style options based on the type of boat you own and the region that you live in. We recommend using a new Polyester cover with an ideal Denier of 300.  This item ONLY ships USPS.  Thank you!


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